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Silk'n Slider Gel - 3 Pack Deal
3 pack slider gel_300x3001
The Silk'n Slider Gel provided within the Silk'n Facetite clinical RF skin renewal kit, can also be used with the Silk'n Titan device and be purchased individually or in bulk. The gels are water-based and should be applied moderately. There is no need to apply a thick layer of gel to obtain desired results. Silk'n Slider Gel Contains 130 ml.
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Original NowMi Facial Treatment Kit
NowMi Prosonic facial treatment
The Original NowMi device ensures the skin cleanse while maintaining your skin healthy. The device works on the oxygenation process, highly effective and gentle treatment to the skin from inside out.
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Tria SmoothBeauty
Tria device
The SmoothBeauty™ Laser is an anti-aging device treating multiple signs of aging all over the face, such as fine lines and wrinkles. As a result, you get a more refreshed, radiant, and youthful skin. One of the most effective at home use devices, it uses non-ablative fractional laser technology.

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Silk'n Facetite RF Wrinkle Reducer + 2 Free Gels
facetite+2 gels

The Silk'n Facetite Facial Skin Renewal Device is non-invasive and easy to use home anti-wrinkle treatment device. An anti-aging relaxing treatment that helps youthful looks. Like Silk'n but gain better results, it may create a noticeable clinical effect from the very first treatment and may significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well as improving your skin texture. Take advantage of this special offer and get 2 EXTRA SLIDER GEL FOR FREE

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Silk'n Lipo DUO
Silk'n Lipo Devices - Black & White

Silk'n Lipo with 2 Bricks uses cutting edge technology to help you shrink fat cells and reduce body circumference. The device is easy to use and also works to improve the appearance of cellulite for a tighter, smoother and more toned body, powered by Silk'n technology. Silk'n Lipo is an alternative to other professional aesthetic procedures. Silk'n Lipo may deliver immediate as well as long-lasting results as the user operates this professional treatment in their own home. You should expect advanced result comparing to the Silk'n Lipo technology*

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TriPollar STOP VS. Silk'n FACETITE
Tripollar STOP Vs. Silk'n Facetite | RF machines

If you are going to set up your own anti-aging facial clinic in the comfort of your home with an incredible RF skin tightening, anti-wrinkle, and you are wondering which of the products is better: TriPollar STOP or Silk'n Facetite, here is a comparison between these 2 at-home facial anti-ageing RF treatment devices: Tripollar STOP and Silk'n FACETITE

We have tested the 2 devices and here are the results (For you to decide)